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About the Author

Gerald Appel is the inventor of MACD, the Moving Average Convergence/Divergence indicator that is still widely used by technical analysts 40 years after he developed it. He also founded the investment newsletter Systems and Forecasts in 1973, which is in its 46th year of publication. His approach to technical analysis is rigorously quantitative and systematic, validated by long term historical studies.

Mr. Appel also managed money for clients for more than 35 years before retiring in 2012. The firm he founded, Signalert Asset Management, still utilizes his approaches and insights, using quantitative technical analytic tools to reduce risk.

Over the years Mr. Appel has written 17 investment books that have been translated into numerous languages, as well as producing two videos on trading. The Stock Trader’s Almanac designated two of his books as “Investment Book of the Year.” He has contributed articles for numerous publications including Barron’s, Money Magazine, Smart Money, Boardroom Reports, Stocks and Commodities, and has appeared as a guest on Louis Rukeyser’s Wall Street Week, among other television appearances. He has been cited by numerous publications including a full-length feature in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Futures Magazine, Forbes, The Commodity Trader’s Consumer Report, Timer Digest and the Hulbert Financial Digest.

Photography started out as a hobby but soon developed into a passion. With his drive to succeed, he became a serious and active photographer. Mr. Appel has won numerous awards and has published five photography books.