Beat the Market, Win with Proven Stock Selection and Market Timing Tools


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 209
  • Published Date: 2009


In Beat the Market, Win with Proven Stock Selection and Market Timing Tools, You will learn readily followed, easy-to-understand, and efficient stock market indicators associated with general levels of interest rates that will help you identify those periods when stocks are very likely to advance in price, when they are only just likely to advance in price, when you might just as well stay home, and when staying home with your capital is likely to be an excellent idea.

You will also learn an indicator that is designed to identify, by just one weekly indicator of stock market performance, the time when prices are likely to continue to rise for weeks—often even for months—with a high probability of accuracy. The best gains in the stock market occur when this indicator is in effect. At other times, gains tend to be more limited. The combination of these indicators may be taken to reflect the Weekly Market Power Gauge. When the gauge is indicating unanimous strength in the indicators you follow, the odds very heavily favor being in stocks. Low readings in the gauge suggest caution.

In other words, you will learn how and when to put the probabilities on your side—to invest when risks are the least and to recognize when risks are the greatest. You will also learn how to build your stock portfolio—what to buy and what not to buy—and how to blend the components of your portfolio in such a way that the whole is better performing than the average of its parts, as well as how to select mutual funds and exchange traded funds that are most likely to outperform the average stock, fund, or exchange-traded fund.


  • Your Basic Investment Strategy
  • Bond-Stock Valuation Models—A Key Market Forecasting Tool
  • Government Bond Yields Compared to Earnings Yields
  • Achieving a 92.59% Profit Ratio
  • How to Gauge the True Inner Pulse of the Stock Market
  • Indicator Synergy Plus
  • Creating the Best Blends of Risk and Reward in Your Portfolio
  • Putting Together Your Winning Investment Portfolio
  • A Primer for Profitable Mutual Fund Selection
  • Momentum Investing—Win by Going with the Flow
  • The Final Word