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WD Ganns Master Time Factor – The Astrological Method

Defines if the next turn will be a High or Low well in advance. Is a Rule Based Trading Method? Lets you Know the True Trend.

The True Trend will tell you if you should be buying dips or selling rallies. The S&P chart below shows the Master Time Factor dates as taught in my DVD course.

I believe this is one of the world’s best trading methods because it gets you into trades very close to the absolute turning points and maximizes profits on winning trades.

Get WD Ganns Master Time Factor - The Astrological Method Course Now!

Years of experience and research have gone into making “W.D Ganns Master Time Factor – The Astrological Method” the definitive course for timing Forex, Stock & Currency markets.

Chapter 1 – MTF Introduction
Chapter 2 – Gann Square of Price and Astrology
Chapter 3 – The WD Gann Trading Campaign
Chapter 4 – Fixed Cycles
Chapter 5 – Repeating Recreating Aspects Simple
Chapter 6 – Observational plus Hidden Cycles
Chapter 7 – Repeating Plus Hidden Cycles
Chapter 8 – Long wave cycles large planets repeating or linked
Chapter 9 – Astro Tools
Chapter 10 – Trading patterns mentioned in Videos

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