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WD Ganns Master Time Factor

WD Ganns Master Time Factor – The Astrological Method By Myles Wilson Walker

It was over ten years ago that I first released The Master Time Factor Method on DVD.

In the 1990s I discovered this method embedded in the text of WD Gann’s book ”The Tunnel Thru The Air” (1927).

I had been using the method extensively by the time that I first published “WD Gann’s Master Time Factor” in 2007.

Many thousands of trades later and after questions from people who bought the original course I have completed an update that incorporates all the improvements that I have developed since. The success rate is still high around 80 to 85% depending on the particular market but I have streamlined the process of calculating and have eliminated minor ambiguities in its application.

The DVD version used a simple break of the cycle days range as the entry. Now there are four different entries that can be taken on 4 hour or lower time frames on the cycle day that eliminates large stop losses.

WD Gann stated that time was the most important thing and knowing when a high or low is due we can use this information to structure a Gann style trading campaign for any market.

Now you will know if you should be buying dips or selling rallies.The astrological method that Gann used in all the “Robert Gordon” trades in his book ”The Tunnel Thru The Air” is revealed.

This method is still working today across all the actively traded markets to pin point swing high & low dates. A question that crosses many Traders minds at one time or another is, “How do I find the cycle for a specific market?”

Most markets do have totally different dates as highs and lows. WD Gann said that he found a Master Time Factor that allowed him to precisely time individual markets highs and lows.The Master Time Factor is not based on fixed cycles, in fact it appears if you were to just look at the price chart you would not be able to detect these “hidden cycles” That is, until it is pointed out and then you can see how perfect it is.

Master Time Factor Contents

Chapter 1:  MTF Introduction
Chapter 2:  Gann Square of Price and Astrology
Chapter 3:  The WD Gann Trading Campaign
Chapter 4:  Fixed Cycles
Chapter 5:  Repeating Recreating Aspects Simple
Chapter 6:  Observational plus Hidden Cycles
Chapter 7:  Repeating Plus Hidden Cycles
Chapter 8:  Long wave cycles large planets repeating or linked
Chapter 9:  Astro Tools
Chapter 10:  Trading patterns mentioned in Videos

WD Gann specificly wrote about astrology and his use of the planets

During the last 10 years of his life WD Gann specificly wrote about astrology and his use of the planets was strictly mechanical rather than interpretive. I consider this approach is more astronomical rather than astrological.

Traditional astrology assigns a meaning to planets in positions on the degrees of a circle. You’d be familiar with this in the form of newspaper horoscopes.

Gann didn’t use astrology like this, there was no meaning or interpretation of a planets position. Gann focused & taught how a planets position measured cycles. it was purely mechanical and we have this in his own writing.

In no case does he ever place an interpretation on a planets position.

Instead the Master Time Factor fits in with Gann’s supreme law of repetition and he embedded this particular technique in the text of his famous book ”The Tunnel Thru The Air”.

WD Gann said that his methods were based on mathematics and this is true when you consider that a planets position can be calculated exactly to the degree and minute for any time in the past and for any time in the future. This makes it very easy to test and to prove this practical application of the Master Time Factor.

In this course I will teach you exactly how to get the timing points, also how I determine if they should be traded and then how I actually trade them.

After all, the profitable application of timing with regard to trading is our whole reason for acquiring this knowledge.

I believe this is one of the world’s best trading methods because it gets you into trades very close to the absolute turning points and maximizes profits on winning trades.​

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