Trading Chaos: Applying Expert Techniques to Maximize Your Profits


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 285
  • Published Date: 1995


Trading Chaos Applying Expert Techniques to Maximize Your Profits  is A practical guide for making sense of chaos theory and applying it to today’s financial markets. Enables traders and analysts to uncover hidden determinism in seemingly random market events and make accurate investment decisions with high probabilities for profit.


You will find in this book a simple, ascending path to trading success. A five-step progression from novice to expert will enable you to locate yourself precisely on this path: you will know not only where you are but exactly what you must do to progress to the next higher level.

You will find a new lifestyle opening up, where you make the rules and you determine your own future with a minimum of outside hassles and governmental regulations. You’ll be free of the usual impediments of bosses, dissatisfied customers, returns, warehousing, financing, collecting, reports, staff meetings, FlCA, sales tax, rent, depreciation, OSHA regulations, business licenses, and so on. Most people can only dream about a lifestyle like that. All this will be possible because you will understand what the elite group-the top 10 percent-of traders know:

The markets are a natural function and their activity does not follow classical physics, parametric statistics, or linear math.

Fractal geometry offers an entirely different point of view with a different way of processing information, a way that can bring you consistent profits and an enviable lifestyle. Another conclusion comes from the insights provided by the science of chaos: no one trades the markets; we all trade our own personal belief systems.


  • A Look at the Current Reality of Trading
  • Understanding the Markets
  • Chaos Theory: A New Paradigm for Trading
  • Defining Your Underlying Structure-and How That Affects Winning and Losing
  • Navigating the Markets: The Need for Good Maps
  • Level One: Novice Trader
  • Level Two: The Advanced Beginner
  • Using Fractals and Leverage
  • Level Three: The Competent Trader
  • Profitunity Trading Partner
  • Level Four: The Proficient Trader
  • Level Five: The Expert Trader