Trend Trading Set-Ups


  • Pages: 268
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 2012


Trend Trading Set-Ups: Entering and Exiting Trends for Maximum Profit

Trend Trading Set-Ups extends the neoclassical concept of qualified trend first introduced by Little in Trend Qualification and Trading, providing traders and investors with a sound methodology for uncovering the very best trade set-ups  and the ability to time trade entries like never before.


The complexities of trading are numerous yet the general concepts need not be. Trading is hard enough without making it more so. Trading in real time is seldom simple yet consistently profitable if the methods are sound. My contribution to this endeavor is a set of methods and principles that further this desirable outcome.

AlthoughTrend Trading Set-Ups endeavors to reduce the complexities of trading, it would be a mistake to conceptualize trading as simple and predictable. It is anything but. If a market participant seeks a simple rule that says to always buy this technical indicator or that pattern, then this book will disappoint.

What is offered are the data driven trading principals that have driven the conclusions regarding those trades that have the highest probabilities for success. A definition of each trade type is succinctly presented and accompanied by the ideal general market and sector alignment conditions along with the ideal stock trade triggers.

It is the trader who takes a potential trade set-up and evaluates its possibilities. With practice, the trades with extraordinary potential can be separated from those with lesser potential.

Just as importantly, the weak and worthless opportunities can be avoided. With study and practice, the highest probabilities trades that embody the greatest potential can be recognized and pursued with increased regularity. When accomplished, no longer will success be the result of mere chance but instead the embodiment of predictable probabilities.


  • Identifying and Qualifying Trend Probabilities
  • Anchor Zones: The Key to Timing Trades
  • Broader Influences Affecting Stocks
  • Formulating a Workable Trading Plan
  • The Data behind Trend Trade Set-Ups
  • Sideways Range Trades
  • Breakout and Retrace Trade Set-Ups
  • Unleashing Trade Potential