Traders of the New Era Expanded


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 363
  • Published Date: 2016


Traders of the New Era Expanded: Interviews with a Select Group of Day and Swing Traders Who are Still Beating the Markets in the Era of High Frequency Trading and Flash Crashes 

Most traders fail. This has been especially true after the rise of High Frequency Trading and electronic markets, but what are the main characteristics of the traders that do succeed? That and other answers are provided by Fernando Oliveira in this book with in-depth interviews with traders and market experts. If you are tired of outdated day and swing trading literature that is available in bookstores and are looking for something more in touch with the current market structure then this book will please you with a wealth of up to date advice, tips, strategies and techniques.

Author’s Introduction:

I hope that throughout this book you were able to improve your trading results by learning from the experience and wisdom of other traders. Trading has gotten more difficult in recent years due to the rise of HFTs, but good traders will always adapt and improve. In this book there is a lot of knowledge, advice, and tips on how to adapt to these changing conditions and be successful. I encourage the reader to re-read the chapters from time to time.

Writing this book was a hard task for me, mainly due to lack of time, but somehow I was able to pull it off. When I started the interviews back in August of 2012, I’d just decided to start to day trade actively. I had no idea what was going to happen, but I knew I had no choice because I had bills to pay and really didn’t want to get a “real” job. The uncertainty of what kind of result I would get, combined with the need to pay lousy bills, made me work really hard to learn from the best guys I could find. The result of this journey is this book.

Society frequently looks down on this profession and links it to gambling (sometimes rightly so), but the truth is that being trader, having the freedom of working when you want, taking vacations at any time you want, and having your results depend entirely on you is one of the best feelings a person can have. You feel like you have destiny in your hands and are free to enjoy your life. If you’re willing to work hard and be disciplined, trading is and always will be one of the best jobs on earth.


  • The Fundamentals of High Frequency Trading
  • Gregg Siabicca: The Home Run Swing Trader
  • Adam Whiting: The Futures Scalper
  • Jim Cash: The Futures and Options Veteran
  • Flemming Kozok: The Big Bet Sniper
  • Dennis Dick: The Base Hit Trader
  • Jeffrey Goldman: Market Maker Turned Prop Firm Trader and Manager
  • Eric Scott Hunsader: The Market Structure Expert
  • Mitch Semon: The Veteran Stock Operator
  • Wayne Kulcheski: The Trend Fighter
  • Anonymous: The Former Winner
  • Anonymous: The Secrecy of the Bot Destroyer
  • atticus: The Options Expert
  • The Trader ToolBox
  • The Core Principles of Good Short-Term Trading