The Increasing Gold Supply and Its Effect on Security Values


  • Pages: 147
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 1908


The Increasing Gold Supply and Its Effect on Security Values is a book which Compiled from Thomas Gibson’s Special Market Letters.

Introductions (From Author):

Interest in the letters bearing on the gold supply and its effects on security prices which have been issued from this office recently has been so great that I have decided to combine the views of several authorities in a single volume.

A correct understanding of this matter is of vital importance to every business man and particularly to the investor or speculator in bonds, stocks or commodities. Mr. Maurice L. Muhleman, Mr. Byron W. Holt, Mr. Arthur Selwyn-Brown, Professor J. Pease Norton and Mr. W. G. Nicholas, who are the contributors to this brief symposium, are all eminently capable of passing competent opinions on the subject.

As my personal study of the subject has been directed particularly to the speculative phase of the matter, I have produced’ a chapter on gold from a recent work.


  • Gold Depreciation and Security Values
  • Increasing Gold Supply and Stock Prices
  • Gold Supply Not Too Great
  • Review of the World’s Gold Supply
  • Gold Depreciation Means Rising Commodity Prices
  • Gold Inflation and Interest Rates
  • The Gold Supply