The Wallaby Trade: Counter-Trend Trading for Stocks, Futures, and Forex


  • Pages: 257
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 2011


In The Wallaby Trade: Counter-Trend Trading for Stocks, Futures, and Forex, a proven counter-trend trader shows real-world examples of how to identify and profit from the warning signs that short-term and long-term trends are reaching a conclusion.

Author’s Introduction:

I’m going to share every last detail about my favorite method of short-term trading. And you can apply this method to longer-term trading, too.

The Wallaby Trade is filled with charts, step by step instructions, some stories, and quite a bit of offensive language. It shouldn’t take you long to read the book, but I hope you come back to it again and again as you learn to trade the system.

I’ve had the Wallaby indicator built for a number of charting platforms, and as mentioned a few pages ago, you can have the indicator for free. In fact, as you’ll learn in chatper 1, you can even trade the method without the indicator.

This isn’t your average trading book. But after all, you’re not the average trader. And I want to hear what you do with what you’ve learned.


  • What the Hell is a Wallaby?
  • What Can This Wallaby Do?
  • Bearish Divergence
  • Bullish Divergence
  • Bending the Divergence Rules
  • Entering a Wallaby Trade
  • Wallaby Trade Sizing
  • Stop-Losses on the Wallaby
  • Profit Targets for the Wallaby