Advanced Commodity Trading Techniques


  • Pages: 153
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 1986


In Advanced Commodity Trading Techniques, you will be introduced to Fibonacci Numbers, Balance Point Trading, Recurring Angle Method (RAM), Time and Price Ratios, Equilibrium Techniques, Wall Theory Trading, The Rhythm Method, and other various new techniques developed by HAP.


The HAP Research Investment Study Group is an organization which believes price movement can be predicted using techniques developed from extensive research. There is no magic here-just hard work! What does our research consist of?

First, we analyze past and present trading systems, techniques, indicators, etc. We have a large library of trading systems and related material, and have, in fact, studied materials contained in private collections throughout this country. We review material for its trading merit.

Years of experience, system evaluation, and intense Gann research led to discoveries of several new techniques. The HAP trader, like Gann, uses a geometrical approach and will provide detailed instructions that you may follow also. Anyone can formulate a theory for a trading plan; it takes a trader to know if the theory can become a reality!

Years of training enable us to determine if the trading plan is built around a formula “copied from a book,” or whether the trading plan is correct (one trading plan costing over $1,000.00 was found to be wrong mathematically-no wonder it did not work).

Second, we use the results of our analysis of trading material to formulate new ideas and develop new methods-we stand on the shoulders of others. We can successfully devise these methods because we stress determining the important features of the past and present trading plans. Frequently a combination of trading plans is much more successful than the individual plans themselves.

Finally, we are innovative-that means we formulate and test methods which are not extensions or combinations of the work of others.


  • Types of Markets or Price Patterns
  • Winning With Fibonacci
  • Balance Point Trading
  • Recurring Angle Method
  • Balancing Time and Price
  • HAP Momentum Indicator
  • Is a Change Overdue?
  • HAP Cycles
  • Equilibrium Techniques
  • Predicting Congestion Areas to A void Whipsaws
  • HAP’s Use of Elliott
  • The Triad
  • Market Markers
  • Entry-Exit Methods
  • HAP Indices
  • Organizing A Trading Plan