The Wall Street Gang


  • Pages: 309
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 1974


The Wall Street Gang offers investors an inquiry into the squeeze play of Wall Street wheeler-dealers and also provides them with an approach to the market that shows them how to time their investment decisions to coincide with those of the exchange insider. From beginning to end, The Wall Street Gang reads like a suspense story as the author shows how the great wealth and power of the New York Stock Exchange depend on the ignorance and confusion of the investing public. With penetrating insight, he analyzes the basic problems posed to investors by a financial system that is able to manipulate and control investors, stock prices, the media, politicians, and the executive suite of every major corporation in America. In documenting the failure of the SEC and Interstate Commerce Commission to regulate and the complicity between the government and Wall Street insiders, he uses charts and tables that are informative and more illuminating than similar charts that appear in daily papers because of the lucid explanations that accompany them. Case histories enable the investor to recognize the symptoms of fraud and prepare to take action if necessary. In another section of the book, he informs investors of their recourse to the courts as vehicles for the recovery of damages when stockbrokers violate the securities laws.