The Financial Universe: Planning Your Investments Using Astrological Forecasting


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 175
  • Published Date: 2014


The Financial Universe deconstructs the future in clear masterful strokes. An absolute must read text not only for professionals in financial services and related industries but also for anyone who relies on the future for business and personal planning. Written by one of the world’s foremost financial astrologers, The Financial Universe highlights periods to maximize investment returns and minimize portfolio losses through exposure to geopolitical events and circumstances, and financial market hotspots.


This book offers a view of the future from the perspective of the past, and most particularly, the ancient past. The stars and cosmos have always fasci-nated mankind: analysis of planetary cycles, more commonly called astrology, has been used as a forecasting technique for thousands of years. More recently, a separate branch of this study has evolved – Financial Astrology. This branch of astrology combines planet, solar and recognised business cycles. Its use alerts investors to periods, places and circumstances where investment caution needs to be exercised, and to times when oppor-tunities to invest positively are more open and less prone to negative cosmic interference.

The Financial Universe presents a view of how global stock markets might react to world events between now and 2020. The discussion is broken down into specific time periods, in the context of the future relations between nations, the possibility of global conflict, and the underlying motifs or reasons that might cause severe disruption or discontinuity to the way in which the world works and trades.

This work focuses on the potential for massive disruption as a result of specific cosmic circumstances; but, it is only that – potential. It is possible, indeed probable, that under the great stresses and strains signalled for the coming period, great good will be achieved – most likely post-2012. History provides evidence that mankind is more than capable of compas-sionate and innovative behaviour. Those in positions of political, economic and military leadership could take note of the coming cosmic squalls and modify their behaviour accordingly. They could turn out to be truly great leaders. They would, in effect, accept their relative position in the cosmos, and make every effort to work with natural forces rather than against them.


  • The Changing Sky
  • Stars and Sacred Places
  • World Trade and Planet Cycles
  • Forecasting
  • Transformation
  • Collapse of the USA
  • The World Bank
  • The Credit Bubble and Currency Collapse
  • Water Wars
  • Illusions and Imagination
  • Cutting Edge
  • Wall Street and London Markets