The Delta Phenomenon or The Hidden Order in All Markets


  • Pages: 196
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 1991


The Delta Phenomenon is the most basic aspect of an area of study known as technical analysis. Technical analysis is the study of market movement as it relates to a two-dimensional chart defined by an X and Y axis. The primary input is price. Secondary inputs are volume and in the case of futures, open interest. But principally, technical analysis is thstudy of market movement.

Author’s Introduction:

What you are about to read is totally amazing. It has remained a secret for thousands of years. I am quite sure, and I believe when you have read this book, you will agree that no one ever discovered it before.

In a sense it would appear highly unlikely that it could have eluded everyone who has searched for it throughout the centuries because it is so simple. On the other hand, one wonders how anyone could have set out to discover it and done so.

Many, if not most major discoveries were made by accident. That is, while searching for a certain end result, one runs across something that is unknown which produces an entirely different result. However, one of the most remarkable things about the Delta Phenomenon was the way it was discovered.

One man, working alone in Chicago in 1983 asked the question, “Is there order in the markets?” Then, using an extraordinary form of mental dexterity, he came upon the solution. The solution, the Delta Phenomenon is the most basic thing about market movement.

Volumes have been written about the different ways and methods that have been discovered (or invented) to use the input of price, relative to time, to predict market movement. Many will argue that market movement is simply not predictable at all. I believe this book will settle that argument once and for all. If there is order in the markets, then markets must be predictable.


  • The Delta Phenomenon
  • The Moment of Truth
  • Intermediate Term Delta (ITD)
  • The Family Groups
  • Medium Term Delta (MTD)
  • Long Term Delta (LTD)
  • Super Long Term Delta (SLTD)
  • Short Term Delta
  • Trading the Delta Turning Points
  • Solving For Delta
  • Epilogue