The Compleat Day Trader II


  • Pages: 260
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 1998


The Compleat Day Trader II includes the most up to date strategies and systems for seizing hold of day trading success, including: A separate chapter detailing each system and method; Indicator formulas and system codes; The psychology of day trading.


The Compleat Day Trader II you are about to read contains a variety of different methods and systems for day trading. Take the time to learn, study, and track the methods. Then, after you have learned the techniques that appeal to your senses and your pocketbook, begin trading with them. But don’t plunge into the markets before you have spent some time learning the methods.

And when you start your trading, please make certain you understand the risks as well as the rewards of day trading. Be certain to start with sufficient capital and practice all the necessary discipline your methods require.

Finally, do not labor under the misconception that day trading is easy. Although there are several distinct advantages to day trading, it may be true that from the standpoint of self-discipline, day trading is more difficult than position trading. You cannot day trade your way to riches with little effort.

Day trading takes work, work, and more work. It requires discipline, attention, organization, and commitment. Success as a day trader does not fall out of a magazine or a book.

Goals in writing this book on day trading were as follows:

  • To present and discuss some of my latest day-trading systems and methods
  • To share new ideas and to amplify on existing ideas for effective risk management both from the standpoint of market methodology and trader psychology
  • To suggest new and promising directions in day trading techniques
  • To fine-tune techniques and methods I have previously discussed


  • Perspective on Day Trading: Observations, Claims, and Caveats
  • A Review of Market Timing Indicators
  • Day Trading: Art or Science
  • The 30-Minute Breakout
  • Day of the Week Patterns
  • Trading Systems: Pros and Cons
  • Power of the Inside Day
  • System Testing and Optimization: Friend or Foe?
  • Emotions, Traders, and Markets
  • What Markets to Day Trade?
  • Closing and Openings
  • Gap Methods for Day Trading
  • Accumulation Distribution Oscillator Derivative
  • The Importance of Orders
  • The Psychology of Day Trading
  • The Day Trader’s Rules for Success