Stock & Commodity Market Trend Trading by Advanced Technical Analysis


  • Pages: 133
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 1977


Stock & Commodity Market Trend Trading by Advanced Technical Analysis is designed for the serious-minded student of the commodity and stock markets. Presented herein will be many technical tools that we may use in evaluating the condition of the market. These ideas will only remain ideas unless one spends many hours studying each one and proving to his own satisfaction that they work.


Timing is the essential ingredient for success in this field. One who can solve the problem of timing can reap enormous financial rewards. This course is intended to teach techniques for timing ones trades. This course is 100 percent technical. We do not teach fundamentals. We are convinced that proper chart interpretation will reveal all the fundamentals that one needs to know.

A chart represents all the bulls and bears in a given market. When you read a fundamentalists summary of a given situation, you are always influenced by how the author slants the article. A chart will contain not only his viewpoint (providing he has money in the market) but all the other financial interests in a given situation.

By studying and applying the technical approach, one can cover all the active commodity markets or many more stocks. This is not possible if one is a fundamentalist. There are simply too many variables, some of which will be in conflict.


  • Graphs & Their Application to Speculation
  • Pivot Point Analysis & 3-Day Equilibrium
  • The Elliott Wave Theory
  • New & Unique Technical Tools
  • Market Stages
  • Conventional Technical Analysis
  • Open Interest in Commodities
  • Minor Reversal Patterns
  • Trading & Scalping Techniques