Supply and Demand Forex Trading By Trading180


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Supply and Demand Trading shows one of the principles that the market is operated by, in the context of forex trading. You will gain full access to the intensive instruction of analysis techniques for an intimate understanding of the market trends, price movements as well as the volume trading. The common patterns are pointed out, the loops and their variations that the trading market has followed so far are seen. The volatility is not as volatile as it seems, which helps you build up viable strategy setups with the low risk – taking. Supply and Demand Trading by Trading 180 breaks down the knowledge into small subcourses. You will learn about the combination between the tools and indicators for the effective analysis and valuable insights into the market in the Supply and Demand Zone trading course, along with the best practices of chart reading.

Moreover, CPR Location (Capture Pain Relief) and Stop Hunt Manipulation Strategies indicate common mistakes leading to big losses, and recommend the optimized ways to win higher. The ways to leverage the bank manipulation with support and resistance are shared to increase the winning rates. The psychology factors are put under a microscope in this session. The trade and risk management is provided with a complete guideline to gain the optimal risk/reward ratios. You are able to spot the trading opportunities and pitfalls with the visual fundamental analysis spreadsheet offered in the Supply and Demand Trading by Trading 180. The live – trading sessions and 1-on-1 mentoring highlight the practicability of the course when you can observe the founder of Trading 180 and get his consultancy about your trading ideas or concerns.

  • WHAT IS CPR LOCATION TRADING? The CPR (Capture Pain Relief) Location trading concept dives deeper into supply & demand trading. The forex market is a zero-sum game. When a trader wins, another trader loses. Learn how to capitalise directly from the 90% of losing technical analysis traders psychological biases from the Capture Pain Relief location trading concept.
  • STOP-HUNT MARKET MANIPULATION TRADING: Discover why the markets are manipulated by the big financial institutions and how to profit with the banks by identifying tell-tale technical analysis price action.
  • GO BEYOND TECHNICAL ANALYSIS: Fundamental analysis and risk sentiment is key to discovering currency value and how the big financial institutions protect capital in high-risk environments
  • THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE TRADING COURSE: 13 trading modules (over 20 hours of high definition video content) that cover every aspect of trading. From technical analysis to trading psychology to journalling and risk management.