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Scientific Interpretation of Bar Charts

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Stock and Commodity Market Trend Trading by Advanced Technical Analysis

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John R. Hill majored in Chemical Engineering at Ohio State University, graduating with a B.S. and Master’s degree in 1948 and 1950. His career in the chemical industry was primarily involved with economics and marketing. Profitable trading in commodities enabled him to resign from the chemical industry, move to the beautiful North Carolina Mountains, and devote full time to the study of market action.

Interest in the stock market and commodities began in the late 1950’s. Almost every known book or course written on the subject of technical analysis and the psychology of the market has been studied at great length by Mr. Hill. He is a firm believer that the composite opinion of a market is best known by studying market action.

Mr. Hill is author of two books: Scientific Interpretation of Bar Charts and Stock & Commodity Market Trend Trading by Advanced Technical Analysis. He wrote the technical market letter for Paine Webber Jackson & Curtis prior to establishing the Research Institute. Mr. Hill is one of only nine approved independent money advisors for clients of Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner & Smith.

John R. Hill is president of Commodity Research Institute Ltd., a firm devoted to teaching, advising and managing money in the commodity markets. The institute publishes a highly successful weekly letter devoted to the psychology of the markets. Mr. Hill is a battle-scarred veteran who has taken and tested all the known systems in the past 20 years. His engineering background and successful experience make him eminently qualified for chart analysis, interpretations and projection of future trends.