Selective Forex Trading: How to Achieve Over 100 Trades in a Row Without a Loss


  • Pages: 154
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 2008


Selective Forex Trading is for beginning, intermediate, and advanced traders who need to increase the odds of successful trades by making precise entries. This means making precise decisions regarding entry selections. This book is for those of you who need to have sustaining income as you develop your personal trading skills.


This book is not intended for successful traders who have found a procedure that works, and the information contained within this book is in no way intended to put down other methodologies, traditional trading procedures, or trading styles.

The approach presented in this book is a different type of methodology that uses nontraditional proprietary trading tools and must not be integrated with traditional methodology. Merging traditional tools that use other mathematical calculations, patterns, and procedures into these new concepts may cause losses.

Change and modernization of trading tools, or simply change, may offend experienced traders; again, allow me to reiterate that this is not my intention in writing this book.

My suggestion is that if you are successful and happy with your present status regarding trading success and profits, then why read this book? “If it isn’t broken, then don’t fix it,” as some would say; however, if you feel you have not arrived as a successful forex trader, then read on—because maybe this book is just what you have been searching for. The methodology explained and illustrated throughout this book is only one of many approaches to trading the forex.


  • Advice and Thoughts for Neophyte, Intermediate, and Advanced Traders
  • Modernist versus Traditionalist Approaches to Trading
  • What Is an S90/Crossover and How Was It Discovered?
  • Developing the Profit Targets or Entry Points of a Trading Range for the S90/Crossover
  • S90/Crossover with Gaps, Holes, and Fibonacci Levels
  • Extreme Levels of a Trading Range: What Are S90/Crossover Extreme Levels within the Forex?
  • Basic Trading Skills with S90/Crossovers and Extreme Levels in the Market
  • S90/Crossovers, Trend Bounces, and Holes in the Market
  • Proof: Live Forex Trading Examples and Interviews with Traders
  • More about Extreme Levels in the Market
  • When to Bail Out of the Trade and When to Stay In for Additional Profits