Profiting in Bull or Bear Markets


  • Pages: 286
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 2001


The purpose of Profiting in Bull or Bear Markets is not to provide you with a get-rich-quick scheme. It is not a way to invest play money. What this book offers is the knowledge required to manage all your money. We all seek security and must plan for a secure retirement. This book will help you learn how to achieve your goals in bull and bear markets.


In reading Profiting in Bull or Bear Markets, you will gain the knowledge and an appreciation of what it takes to invest by making returns more predictable; in order to do so, the author has utilized concepts related to economic and financial fluctuations. The investor must invest in tune with the times.

Understanding the inherent economic forces is crucial to developing your strategies. If the times are highly inflationary, it makes sense to buy real estate, gold, or commodities. However, if the times are noninflationary, these investments are not going to provide high returns.

Using this book, you will achieve more predictable returns by minimizing losses. The material presented in the following pages also will assist you in identifying what the sources of risk are, and where they appear in these cycles, and what their impact on your investments will be. These forces, present in all economic and financial cycles, happen anyway, so why not take advantage of them?

Profiting in Bull or Bear Markets is like a mosaic. It deals with each aspect of the market. Gradually, everything will come together, and you will be ready to apply the content to your specific investment interest and goals.


  • Using Risk to Manage Your Money Successfully
  • Economic Indicators
  • Relationships between Economic Indicators
  • The Composite Indexes of Leading, Coincident, and Lagging Indicators
  • The Business Cycle: A Practical Use of Economic Indicators
  • Long-Term Economic and Investment Trends
  • The Central Bank and Your Investments
  • Inflation and Your Investments
  • Bonds and Business Cycles
  • The Stock Market and Business Cycles
  • Technical Analysis of Stock Market Trends
  • Managing Your Stock Portfolio Risk
  • Improving Shareholder Value