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  • Published Date: 1980


There will be no attempt in this section of the book to give biographical data on Jack Gillen, or to give a recitation of his years of study. This is a book of Predictions. And the important thing is: DO HIS PREDICTIONS HAVE VALIDIITY?


Jack Gillen began making predictions based on astrological cycles and aspects back in the fall of 1965. His first six predictions were made for the year 1966. He 100percent accurate. All six predictions, made month before the events actually happened , were published in newspapers and were broadcast over the air.

In that first year Jack correctly predicted the outcome of the Kentucky Derby, The Preakness and The Belmont (horse racing’s Triple Crown), and he predicted the election of a Negro – an event that would hardly be newsworthy today, for we have many outstanding black political leaders at all levels of government, but it was a real change back in 1966.

In that first series of predictions Jack told of an earthquake in Turkey. Almost a year later. and at the exact time he said it would happen – in August of 1966 – an earthquake hit Turkey, killing over 2500 people.

There were seven predictions made in the fall of 1966 for the year 1967, and again his accuracy was 100 percent. Jack predicted all three legs of horse racing’s Triple Crown, and he also predicted the fire aboard the Apollo spacecraft that occurred on January 27, 196 7. these events received wide media coverage, and are notable for that reason.

These are a few of Jack’s predictions out of the hundreds that were made over the past eight or nine years. His accuracy of 96.5 percent is phenomenal. Is it any wonder that the publishers of this book convinced Jack that he should make the enormous effort and spend the time to do the research, make the computations and make the judgments that would permit him to write a book such as this?

JACK GILLEN PREDICTS is not meant to be a blueprint for the future , for the author cannot be expected to encapsulate all the event.  all the trends for all the years from now through the year 1980, not in this one volume. It would be well, however, to read this book very carefully , see the direction we are going, the stresses that are ahead for each of us and for our children.

Think of it as a road map to tomorrow – the highways and the larger cities are there, perhaps, but the little villages, the sights, sounds and smells of the country may, perforce, be omitted.

There is a tremendous need for the book that Astrology can be to mankind, and if this book can help kick open the door to let in the sunlight of reason, then Jack will have accomplished his purpose.

As you read the book you will feel that quality of the man. He is a professional Astrologer who wears the label proudly, for while he will always be a student – as every competent artist is – he is also a teacher, in the broadest sense of the word .

He is a militant in the vanguard of Astrology , fighting for the acceptance and the everyday use of this subject as a clue to the understanding of mankind and man to his inner self. Astrology , he believes, is the real key to man ‘s adjustment to both his inner and outer worlds – to his mental and physical health.

Read the book through once for pure enjoyment, but then go back over it again and again digging out the simple. unadorned statements of things to come. Can the road map to tomorrow help you find the way?


  • The Making of a Prediction
  • An Astrological Look at the Bermuda Triangle
  • Predictions for the Year 1975
  • 1976 – A Year of Protest
  • 1977 – A Year of Promise
  • 1978 – An Agricultural Year
  • 1979- A Year of Politifal Changes
  • 1980- A Year of Drastic Changes
  • Selected Countries Through 1980
  • A Glimpse of lhe Eighties