P3 System: Option Trading Basics and Putting Profit Probability Potential On Your Side




For traders who are just mildly familiar with options, we will touch on the basics as a refresher lesson, but for those for whom option trading is a new concept, within this P3 System: Profit Probability Potential book (called P3 for short), Kirkland cover options in general, so you’ll have a grasp on how to trade options, as well as how they relate to the P3 strategy, including option pricing.


Many traders focus on trading stocks, indexes and ETFs on the stock market, using a cut and dried, buy and sell approach. While you could spend a lifetime learning about and perfecting these straight forward trading strategies on these assets, other traders are expanding their horizons. There is a unique trading opportunity for investors willing to put in the time to learn about a different trading vehicle and about a truly new and unique trading strategy…the P3 System.

Aspects of this opportunity offer huge gains…but the trading strategies can be  a bit more complex when they are used to control risk. Therefore, sometime ago, I discovered, used and have since fine-tuned the P3 System, so that it controls risk, but is also easy to learn and to implement. Not only does the Strategy offer huge gains, but it also increases the probability of finding guaranteed winning trades. The best part is, just about anyone can use this proven system to score incredible gains on a majority of their trades.

In P3 System, Kirkland explains several chart indicators as she develop a picture-clear trading plan. Her goal is to bridge the gap – to create a book for beginners that will give them the knowledge they need to be successful while they take the next steps in their option education (if they choose to move beyond this point) and a strategy that will intrigue experienced option traders with the strategy’s accuracy to predict and precisely time bursts of upward stock movement.

This said, you may never choose to discontinue use of the P3 trading strategy, no matter how much education you have or gain over time (If you feel overwhelmed already, hang in there! Kirkland will slowly build one principle upon another.) More to the point, this strategy no doubt will become a tried and true tool in your trading toolbox for when you want a sure-fire, swing trade during times of volatility and a trade that, if the picture continues to unfold, becomes a strong, longer-term trade for confirmed uptrends.

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