Markets and Market Logic


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 171
  • Published Date: 1984


Markets and Market Logic: Trading and Investing with a Sound Understanding and Approach

Markets and Market Logic will present knowledge, but knowledge which is not distilled by what has been previously taught. The knowledge presented in this book is drawn directly from experience. Unfortunately, now that this knowledge is put in book form, it becomes part of the second category, knowledge once removed.

It is therefore important for each reader to go beyond this book. Observe, reflect and analyze what is put forth herein as reality in markets familiar to you, and think for yourself. This should be feasible, since knowledge provided in this book will build upon each reader’s own experience. This book will demonstrate that all markets act alike, a concept which should be understood by consumers who have practical exposure to everyday markets.

This is not to say that the knowledge and concepts introduced herein will be easy to embrace and apply. Indeed, they are expected to be very difficult to accept for all but the most open-minded of organized market participants. This is because a plethora of incorrect knowledge that has been disseminated must be unlearned.

Knowledge provided in this book refutes the idea that markets move randomly and therefore cannot be understood. It refutes the idea that predicting market direction – a happenstance approach which indirectly relies on the strength of the individual – is a reliable way to approach a market. It refutes the efficient market theory belief that the market is ” unbeatable, ” since all opportunities are equal because price and value are always identical in an organized market. It debunks some myths regarding risk. Lastly, it refutes the current approaches to trading that differ from the sound approach of investing.


  • The Principles of Market Logic, Operational Procedures and Characteristics
  • Some Thoughts on the R andom Walk and Efficient Market Theories
  • Components of a Marketplace The first two observations
  • Components of a Marketplace The third and fourth observations
  • Components of a Marketplace Behavioral Observations
  • Illustrative Examples of Market Logic
  • Some Non -Hypothetical, Very Readable Markets
  • The Market’s Most Important Characteristic
  • A Glance at the Futures Markets
  • How Best to Get Results
  • A Market Understanding
  • You
  • Trading (and Investing) Strategy and Techniques