R.N.Elliotts Market Leters (1938-1946)


  • Pages: 236
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 1993


R.N.Elliotts Market Leters (1938-1946) gives you the real-time analysis and market forecasts from the master himself, R.N. Elliott, with many essays on the applications of the Wave Principle. The letters and essays are extensively footnoted and cross-referenced by Robert Prechter.

Author’s Introduction:

For years I have planned this book, and am very proud finally to present this compilation of treatises that have been out of print for five decades. Ralph Nelson Elliott (1871 – 1948) began forecasting the stock market at the age of 68 while suffering from a debilitating case of anemia contracted in South America. Despite a remarkably late start and difficult circumstances, he left a mark on the investment world that only a handful of giants have done.

The value of this material is substantial. First, Elliott’s market letters contain a number of observations that are not found in his two books or his series of articles for Financial World magazine. Second, several of his ”real time” analyses are particularly insightful and original, expanding our knowledge of his unique genius. His fallible side also shows, as he misses several turns, sometimes in misapplying his own rules (particularly in the earlier issues, when he was just getting used to the saddle), sometimes rationalizing the reasons.

Finally, these letters allow us to observe Elliott’s progress in continuing to refine his observations of the Wave Principle as market events unfolded over a period of eight years (coinciding almost exactly with World War II).


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