Inner Game of Wealth By Jordan Belfort

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Congratulations on taking this important step in understanding the real path to lasting wealth.

The road upon which you are about to embark showcases the ultimate path to financial freedom. It is based on a collection of skills, strategies, and experiences that I have practiced and honed over many businesses, investments, and growth opportunities. These are the fundamental skills that have enabled me to create and then re-create my own financial success, and I’m excited to share them with you.

Although you will learn in-depth systems and strategies at the Straight Line Training Event, Inner Game of Wealth By Jordan Belfort is designed to give you a jump start into the mindset and principles upon which my techniques are based. Portions of my journey have been both humbling and exhilarating, and it is my greatest hope that you will be able to benefit from my successes and simultaneously learn from my mistakes in order to create an ongoing space for your own real and lasting abundance—not just financially, but in all other areas of your life, as well.


  • Four Secrets to Ultimate Success
  • Two Roads to Ultimate Failure
  • EXERCISE: Your Beliefs
  • EXERCISE: Your Unconscious Strategy
  • When You Strip Everything Else Away
  • A Quick Note on Mentors
  • Exercise: Evaluate Your Habits
  • 7 Things that Hold People Back