Forex Profits With MACD By Frank Paul


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Learning to trade Forex is about applying proven and simple tools, The MACD indicator is unparalleled in its versatility, reliability, and predictive power for trading the Forex. This is why MACD is a one of my favorite tools in the world of Forex trading. When analyzed with the other core components of my trading system (support/resistance, trendlines, moving averages, and pivots) MACD provides the Forex trader with tremendous insight into forex market dynamics.

To help you attain an expert-level mastery of this powerful indicator, Forexmentor has developed a comprehensive video course focused specifically on MACD and its basic and advanced applications to the world of Forex trading. Designed to both build on and expand the concepts in my home study course, “Forex Profits with MACD” will appeal to all experience levels from novice to season veteran.

The “Forex Profits with MACD” course is developed and hosted by long-standing Forexmentor member and AM Review contributor Frank Paul,. Frank has done a masterful job in researching MACD from every angle imaginable. You be completely amazed by the depth of knowledge Frank has on this topic. Learning to Trade Forex has never been more fun. Frank effortlessly blends both the theory every trader must know, with practical trading strategies you can use right away regardless of your personal trading style.

Simply put, when done with the course you will know more about one of technical analysis’ most powerful indictors better than 98% of your trading competition.

You’ll get on this complete course dozens upon dozens of particular person examples on each timeframe from weekly to five minute charts:

  • How to determine MACD crossovers as reversal setup alerts
  • How to tell apart between legitimate and ‘fakeout’ alerts
  • How to make use of MACD crossovers to determine counter-trend setups and commerce their decision
  • How to make use of divergence alerts on each MACD and its histogram to identify potential reversal setups
  • How to find out when and why divergence alerts typically don’t produce legitimate reversals
  • How to make use of the MACD Trend Cycle idea to monitor your open positions
  • How to work with MACD neutralization alerts to verify pattern continuation setups
  • How to make use of MACD crossovers to substantiate chart reversal patterns
  • How to make use of MACD as a core element of Multiple Timeframe evaluation



Once you’ve realized to precisely assess the Tradable Trend utilizing MACD and different indicators on a number of timeframes, the following step is to have a dependable and comparatively easy-to-use entry sign system that will get you into the commerce with precision timing and restricted danger. In this mini-module, Frank exhibits how a two-panel MACD chart setup along with the Parabolic SAR indicator and each day pivots on low-level timeframes may give you commerce setups with extraordinarily excessive reward/danger ratios – even when buying and selling solely intra-day!


In this mini-module, Frank walks us by means of numerous examples of how different commonplace indicators (such because the 50-, 100-, and 200- interval Exponential Moving Averages, 21-period TEMA, Bollinger Bands and Zig-Zag) could be superimposed over MACD each to reinforce pattern following alerts and to generate alternate entry and exit alerts. Using each the favored IT Finance and Accucharts charting platforms, this module covers each the mechanical ‘how-to’ software of overlays in addition to methods for deciphering the ensuing alerts.


Frank added six months of Chart of the Week buying and selling examples to vividly reveal a number of essential ideas of buying and selling MACD as offered within the course. This useful resource might be made out there solely to purchasers of the course and can undoubtedly reinforce and spotlight your mastery of technical buying and selling with MACD. A complete of 26 archived commerce examples are supplied, every comprising a multi-chart, top-down presentation leading to simply over 200 particular person charts in complete.

Mastering the artwork of technical evaluation is a key ability in studying to commerce the Forex. Just just like the journeyman carpenter or welder, we have to grasp quite a lot of essential instruments earlier than we’re certified to get the job performed: the best way to apply them, the best way to function them safely, and the best way to use them with different gadgets in our toolbox.


  • Those who’re new to technical and/or foreign currency trading and want to lay the muse for future success with the highly effective MACD indicator
  • Those who’ve reviewed the Forexmentor member’s library and archival data on MACD and search a single useful resource that actually ‘pulls it all together’
  • Those who really feel they want a sensible compendium of ‘how to’ methods and alerts for buying and selling with MACD
  • Those who’ve hassle studying typically conflicting or contradictory alerts – whether or not MACD readings on a number of timeframes or when learn along with different indicators – and need to ‘get over the hump’