Divorcing the Dow: Using Revolutionary Market Indicators to Profit from the Stealth Boom Ahead


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 273
  • Published Date: 2003


Divorcing the Dow ia an investment approach that unlocks the secret of market patterns. Based on over forty years of combined author experience as portfolio managers and financial advisors, Divorcing the Dow presents a timely framework for understanding and investing in market cycles. Authors Jim Troup and Sharon Michalsky believe that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is no longer a relevant indicator of market performance; in fact, they feel that watching the Dow may actually obscure indications that the financial markets are poised to experience a boom that dwarfs anything seen before.

Based on in-depth research and field-tested in their own successful management of millions of dollars in personal and corporate assets, Divorcing the Dow introduces investors to a revolutionary paradigm for assessing the markets and making investment decisions. Troup and Michalsky’s approach focuses on analyzing patterns of productivity as a way to anticipate market cycles and investment potential-and with this book they’ve outlined how investors can begin to recognize these patterns themselves. Divorcing the Dow provides investors with a new framework for thinking about financial markets and gives readers specific investment techniques to anticipate the market’s direction and identify companies poised for sustained productivity and long-term growth.


  • Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
  • The Financial Frontier
  • 911
  • The Necessary Revolution
  • A Parallel Universe
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • New Logic
  • We Will Be Able to Say, “We Were There at the Beginning”