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The Ruth Miller Method of Trading Corn
The Solar Guidance System
Practical Astro: A Guide to Profitable Trading


The purpose of The Ruth Miller Method of Trading Corn is to assist you in making successful decisions in trading the commodity markets, especially corn. Much research has been done for you. When you use the projected sell date, determine the cumulative Sun degree and compute the 3 Target prices from the Square of Nine, you are now ready to enter the market or exit the market as the case may be.

The Solar Guidance System indicates the basis of our work is centered upon the movement of the Sun in the solar system. The solar system consists of the Sun at the center of the universe. Orbiting the Sun are various planets including our own earth.

The first part of our study is confined to the geocentric positions of the planets, and the relationship of the planets as viewed from earth. Ruth Miller & Ian Williams titled their book PRACTICAL ASTRO- A GUIDE TO PROFITABLE TRADING as neither of them are professional astrologers, and do not believe you need an in-depth study of astrology to use our work.