Eight New Commodity Technical Trading Methods


  • Pages: 181
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 1983


In Eight New Commodity Technical Trading Methods, J.D. Hamon presents 8 new technical methods, adaptable to your style of trading. Trade with a system that suits your style become a more confident and successful trader.


There is much difference of opinion about what comprises a good trading plan. Some people want to use their own judgment in their trading method, and others want to be told exactly what to do. The mathematically inclined want formulas and equations, but price pattern traders do not trust formulas.

Fundamentalists think they have the answer, but technicians seldom pay any attention to fundamentals. Some try to take a middle position: mixing formulas, fundamentals, and technical aspects.

Thousands of brokers and trading advisors are advertising that they have the answer. With so many claiming to have the right answer, why do so many traders lose? Call almost any broker or advisor and hear how great they are doing and why you ought to deal with them.

It is said the way to make money in the market is to find someone bragging about his market analysis, then do the opposite. The Bullish Consensus trades opposite the advice of most advisors.

It is not unusual for an otherwise intelligent person to spend years trying to find some special formula to beat the market. In our files hidden away are special secret formulas given to us with the admonition not to let anyone know about them. They cannot be used for fear of violating a confidence-but are not of much value anyway.

The market cannot be boiled down to one secret formula. However, technical analysis will help if a trader knows the proper way to use it.

Remember that markets are people’s actions. Few people live by a formula. Some may run their business by a set of rules, but this is based on what other people do. A market formula that does not consider the nature of people will undoubtedly fail. There can be formulas to judge strength, cycle length, or various facets of market analysis, but these are all altered by the human element involved in trading.

There are influences and conditions that cause people to act, but few people do the same thing when given the same set of circumstances. So how can trading be reduced to a mechanical method? People aren’t mechanical! It is a test of skill and ability to best judge the most likely actions of people.

By learning all that is possible about the market, you will be able to trade with greater skill than the opponent who may take your money.

How a person trades must depend upon the time he has for analysis and the amount of money he has for speculation. Personal judgment in a
trading plan cannot be eliminated by the small trader. He logically must learn the skills and techniques that will make him better than those he trades against, or he will lose.

This book is dedicated to helping you become a winner. This work ‘should give you more ability as a trader and put new methods in your “toolkit”.


  • Viola Genie
  • Pivot Finder Lines
  • Widgets And Toes
  • Accumulation Distribution Methods
  • The Median Line Method
  • The Rhythm Method Of Trading
  • The Closeline Method
  • Day Trading Method
  • Going In Or Out
  • Hit The Target
  • How To Pick The “Hot” Trade
  • Keeping The Winnings
  • Angle Averaging Trading