Trading in Wheat




Every year Mankind plays a big game with Nature-the stake is the wheat crop. Look at tho$e sacks pictured at the top of this page. You buy five bushels of each crop as bread -to live ; but your Profit in Wheat depends on the brains you put into the business.

In Trading in Wheat you find out The factors which control grain prices are easy to understand and to follow; when you begin to study them they will prove far more interesting than anything else you ever took up, for they are the very life of the world.


  • I. Wheat Classification-Fundamentals of the Business
  • II. Importance of Government and Private Reports
  • III. World Wheat Supplies a Potent Factor in Determination of Price Levels
  • IV. Government Reports – Receipts – Shipments – Consignments – The Tickers
  • V. Regulation of Price Movements-Chicago’s Board of Trade-The Keystone of the Grain Business
  • VI. Profitable Trading Means Keeping Ahead of the Crowd- Get Acquainted with Your Broker
  • VII. Orders to Your Broker-Trading Hours and Terms-Where Safety Lies
  • VIII. Orders and Their Execution-Bull Side in Wheat Compared with Stocks
  • IX. Several Types of Orders-How Profits Are Computed-Trading Terms
  • X. Necessity for Definite Campaign Methods-” Swings” and How to Use Them
  • XI. Technical Terms-Scale Trading-Pyramiding and Indemnities
  • XII. “Spreads”-Forming Judgments of Price Movements-Wheat Calendar

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