A Beginner’s Guide to Charting Financial Markets


  • Pages: 293
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 2008


A Beginner’s Guide to Charting Financial Markets: A Practical Introduction to Technical Analysis for Investors

A Beginner’s Guide to Charting Financial Markets is about arming investors with one simple tool that will enhance the investment decision-making process – the chart. It is not the Holy Grail and even if applied exactly as offered there is no guarantee that the reader will be successful. But owning a high quality hammer is no guarantee that the user will build a beautiful house.


This book is in two parts, the first laying the groundwork and the second putting that knowledge to the test. One theme the reader will notice is that we are searching for the spirit of the analysis and are not concerned with precision and picky details.

After all, no matter how fancy the indicators and how complex the maths behind any investment system, the bottom line is answering the question: “Do we buy it or not?”

What this book will do is give the reader the basics needed to look at a chart and get a feel for what the market or individual stock is doing. It will cover only the nuts and bolts of chart analysis, barely touching upon the next level concepts, and definitely leaving the whiz-bang stuff well alone.

It should be stressed that this book will not replace the reader’s current methods of stock selection and investment strategies. What it can do, however, is add a new dimension to the analysis to confirm or refute what is already known.

Basically, there is no need to give up other methods for selecting stocks, although by the end of the book the reader may be drawn to further learning and eventually discover that charts can, indeed, be the primary, if not sole, investment decision-making tools.


  • The Basics Of Chart Reading
  • How To Read A Chart
  • Understanding Each Part Of A Chart
  • How To Use Charts – The Basics
  • Putting Stocks To The Technical Test
  • Technical Analysis In Action
  • When The Real World Does Not Follow The Script