Yes, You Can Time the Market


  • Pages: 205
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 2003


In Yes, You Can Time the Market, Stein and DeMuth show investors simple, readily available measurements that tell them when it’s time to invest in stocks, bonds, real estate, or cash. Written for the investor who wants to preserve capital and build wealth steadily, this book offers prudent, bedrock advice for anyone who can no longer afford to play games with their money.


Market Timing is the concept that there are some times when indicators that can be read at the time say it is a better time to buy or sell than other times. Market Timing is the notion that an investor can look at certain data and have an idea, a good idea, that the market is overpriced or underpriced and is likely to go down or go up.

Now, at one level, it is simply preposterous to say that there should be and can be no Market Timing. After all, what moves the market every second of every day is a huge number of buyers and sellers deciding to buy or sell, sometimes buy and sell, that day.

Usually, though far from always, they are buying individual stocks. But on many other occasions, they are buying indices or baskets of stocks second by second, altogether by the billions of shares every day.

In the aggregate, what is happening every day is that the mass of investors and speculators are Market Timing every second of every day. Obviously, they are making decisions about what to buy and sell and when to sell and buy it. This is, in itself, MarketTiming.


  • The Impossibility of Market Timing
  • The Power of Price
  • The Price/Earnings Ratio
  • Dividend Yields and Market Timing
  • Fundamental Value
  • Bonds, Price-to-Cash Flow, Price-to-Sales
  • Combining Factors for Superior Returns
  • Using Market Timing
  • Looking Forward: A Note of Caution