Trend Trading: Timing Market Tides


  • Pages: 235
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 2006


Trend Trading: Timing Market Tides gives you some easy to apply ideas about how to take more control over the investment process and better estimate your risks when trading. In this way whether you win or lose in the markets, you will at least have an idea of what you are getting yourself into.


Trend Trading: Timing Market Tides shows you in detail how to rigorously plan your trades in the spirit of these master traders, and also to suggest new areas in the equity markets to apply technical analysis to aid you in your search for an edge.

The main questions this book answers are:

  • What are the major differences between trading trends in the equity markets versus the futures markets?
  • How do you plan an equity trade using trend following techniques?
  • How can you structure an equity portfolio to trade ideas with trend following or technical trading techniques?
  • How might you use trend following techniques to rotate from an investment in one instrument to another?

Kedrick Brown Has written this book to appeal to a wide range of investors, and so its scope runs from the simple to the more complex. Many market participants trade on every urge, using undisciplined money management and rapidly switching strategies without giving them a chance to work.

These traders panic out of winning positions and stubbornly hang onto losing ones, without a proper understanding of the risks they are exposing themselves to. As a trader, you need to know how to plan specific trades well enough that you could leave your instructions with someone else to trade them and be comfortable that every contingency would be covered.


  • Elements of an Edge
  • What Can an Equity Trader Learn from a Futures Trend Follower?
  • Equity Trend Following in Action
  • Three-Dimensional Technical Analysis
  • Structuring a Trend Trade
  • Structuring a Trend Trading Portfolio
  • Out of the Box: Further Possibilities