Winning Edge Trading


  • Pages: 238
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 2010


Winning Edge Trading: Successful and Profitable Short- and Long-Term Systems and Strategies

Winning Edge Trading shows how to trade any market for great profits. Using the unique and innovative trading strategies and systems outlined here, you can trade stocks, ETFs, and futures to achieve market-beating returns. This book provides you with a practical and proactive approach to your investment and trading activities.

Author’s Introduction:

The purpose of this book is to help people learn how to become successful as traders and active investors. Designed with both the novice and the professional in mind, it is chock full of useful information for traders at every level. With the major changes in the stock market and all the confusion and misinformation that have surrounded it recently, this book offers essential advice for thriving in this field, even in adverse conditions.

There are multitudes of people out there (perhaps you are one of them) who have lost a great deal of money and have no idea what they should do now. The solution is not to panic; the solution is to become educated in the new dynamics of today’s market.

Part I begins with an analysis of the great stock market meltdown that had serious ramifications for the world economy in 2008. We demonstrate that traders who did not have a robust trading system in place were not equipped to handle the volatility of the markets. We explore the various causes of the crisis in some detail, delving into the financial history that led up to it.

Part II begins with an exploration of the various types of trading markets. We also examine things such as profit-and-loss calculations, regulations, and taxes. Strategies involving things such as leverage, shortselling, and margin buying are introduced.

Part III begins by describing how the market operates as a system. We consider different types of systems and the roles that fear, greed, and hope play in the market. Habitual patterns, cyclical behavior, and market trends are discussed, along with various observations about the market’s behavior.

Part IV contains an in-depth discussion of personality profiles. It closely examines the various scientific theories of human behavior and goes into detail on the most prominent ones. It demonstrates how and why it is so important that a trader’s system be a good match with his or her individual personality.


  • The Great Stock Market Meltdown
  • Introducing the New Trading Paradigm
  • Pitfalls of the Old Investing Paradigm
  • Understanding the Financial Markets: Common Stocks
  • The Exchange-Traded Funds Market
  • The Futures Market: Financial and Physical Commodities
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • The Winning Edge Trading System Market Model
  • The Mechanics of the Winning Edge Trading System
  • The Winning Edge System for Day Trading
  • The Winning Edge System for Intermediate-Term or Swing Trading
  • The Winning Edge System for Long-Term or Position Trading
  • Trading Psychology and Your Trading Personality Profile
  • The Trading Personality Profile Test
  • The Successful Trader’s Blueprint