VSA Forex Trading Mentorship Course By Gavin Holmes


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Accelerate your learning with the VSA FOREX Trading Mentorship Program. The course will enable you to begin trading using VSA. Join Trader & Author Gavin Holmes as he personally guides you through a series of the highest probability trade setups, using the VSA and Wyckoff principles.

This seminar is all FOREX and Currency Futures traders. See how a syndicate trader and VSA expert review charts and learn the secrets they use to find trading candidates. Professional traders trade FOREX differently than amateurs do, find out how to operate like a professional. Here is just some of the learning points covered:

  • Find out how governments and international banks manipulate the currency \ Exchange Traded FOREX markets on a regular basis
  • Learn and appreciate the value of tick volume which can be as powerful as the exchange traded volume if you know how to interpret it
  • Discover the optimal times for trading different currency pairs
  • Understand how to trade the currency markets using multiple time frames
  • Learn how to read spot FOREX end of day charts for swing trading to catch major currency swings
  • Find out if and when the banks trade between themselves during the weekends
  • Learn about trigger numbers at support and resistance levels to catch high probability, low risk trades
  • Understand the playing field – what it means and where the zones are, to better target your entry and exit positions
  • Learn how to measure average daily ranges for each currency pair, to manage your risk reward ratios, for maximum return
  • Learn the correct use of trailing stops, chandelier and multi bracket entries and exits
  • Learn how to analyze both the spot FOREX chart (using tick volume) in comparison with the same same currency futures pair (volume from the CME Group) to see how both are arbitraged and how the currency futures move in relation, to give you a trading edge
  • Learn when not to take a trade in the Exchange Traded FOREX markets – prior to a manipulative event
  • Understand why the US dollar became a strong currency in 2011 – despite all the news to the contrary
  • Gain an understanding of the relationship between gold, oil, the euro and the dollar
  • Learn how to read the key vsa principles that identify serious trend reversals