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About the Author

L.A. Little brings a unique perspective to technical analysis given the incorporation of his extensive engineering skills in analyzing the markets. As an author of multiple trading titles and with degrees in Telecommunications (MS), Computer Information Systems (BS), Philosophy (BA), and Computer Science (AAS), L.A.’s holistic approach to trading has been to redefine some of the most basic concepts in technical analysis and to devise methodologies that systematically examine them. His philosophical background first requires crisp definitions beginning with the most basic concept of technical analysis – trend. As part of the definition L.A. introduces his neoclassical approach to technical analysis virtually turning it upside down. With his approach, trends are qualified, trend lines are replaced with anchored zones and the technician is provided with a methodology that allows for the measurement of supply and demand where it counts – at the swing points.

L.A. has written extensively for many popular publications; has presented material at regional and international conferences; and is a professional money manager that currently trades his own accounts and manages investment funds for qualified investors from his Colorado based home office at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. He writes daily on Technical Analysis Today (; produces a nightly video wrap up of the days action and shares valuable and interesting market observations and nuggets of trading wisdom to all. The TA Today website implements the concepts in his books as services.