The Trading Advantage


  • Pages: 191
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 1991


THE TRADING ADVANTAGE: Specific Techniques For Pinpointing High, Low, And Trend Change Points In Price And Time

The Trading Advantage is divided into 4 sections. The first 3 sections describe the trading techniques and methods, and the 4th section gives examples of real trading situations using these techniques.

Introductions (From Author):

The reader is encouraged to take the time to study the chart examples provided for each trading technique in the manual. As well as providing graphic examples of each methodology, the charts are often annotated to expand or reinforce points made in the main text.

The trading techniques in this manual are presented exactly as I use them in my own trading. In some instances the way I use Fibonacci or Gann or chart pattern techniques is somewhat different than the way these methodologies may be used and taught by others.

In this regard no assertion is made that the methodologies described herein are the only way to trade. They are simply the way that I trade.

The methods presented in this manual are not based on conjecture or constructed with hindsight. The profitability of each technique has been illustrated in actual trading. I have used these techniques to trade successfully in the U.S. Trading and Investing Championships in three separate years, the only three years which I have entered.

In each contest my account produced a triple digit annualized return. This is not hypothetical or paper trading. This is real money, real time trading. I point this out not to brag, (if nothing else the market teaches us humility), but only to reinforce the significant profit potential ofvthe methodologies outlined in this trading manual.


Section I: Fibonacci Analysis Techniques 

  • Fibonacci Number Series And The Golden Section Ratio
  • Summary Of Fibonacci Relationships
  • Fibonacci Time Projection Technique
  • Rules and Trading Hints
  • Fibonacci Time Cycles
  • Method 1: Forward Count
  • Method 2: Backward Count
  • Rules and Trading Hints
  • Fibonacci And Elliott Wave
  • Fibonacci Retracements: Matching Price And Time
  • Rules And Trading Hints

Section II: Gann Analysis Techniques 

  • Gann Mechanical Trend Indicator
  • Strong Bull Market Characteristics
  • Weakening Bull Market Characteristics
  • Very Bearish Market Characteristics
  • Weakening Bear Market Characteristics
  • Swing Exhaustion Pattern
  • Rules And Trading Hints
  • Gann Mirrors
  • Rules And Trading Hints
  • Gann Number Cycles
  • Death Zones
  • Rules And Trading Hints
  • Squaring Price And Time
  • Equalizing Price And Time
  • Square Of The High And Low
  • Rules And Trading Hints
  • Square Of A Major Range
  • Rules And Trading Hints
  • Gann Angles
  • Gann Angles Based On A Fixed Price Increment
  • Time Angles
  • Rules And Trading Hints
  • Astronomical Phenomena
  • Equinox And Solstice
  • Geocentric And Heliocentric
  • Planetary Aspects
  • Retrograde And Direct
  • Signs Of The Zodiac
  • Other Astronomical Phenomena
  • Applications Of Astronomical Phenomena
  • Markets/Planet Associations
  • Rules And Trading Hints
  • Lunar Phenomena
  • Phases Of The Moon
  • Declination Of The Moon
  • Rules And Trading Hints
  • Square Of Nine
  • Rules And Trading Hints

Section III: Geometric Charting Techniques 

  • Rule Of Four
  • Triple Bottoms And Triple Tops
  • Rising Bottoms And Declining Tops
  • Trendline Analysis
  • Fan Lines
  • Rules And Trading Hints
  • Trendline Extensions
  • Rules And Trading Hints
  • Z-Lines Or Trendline Parallels
  • How To Construct Z Lines
  • Rules And Trading Hints
  • Dual Angle Change In Trend Indicator
  • How To Construct The Dual Angles
  • Rules And Trading Hints
  • Square And Angle Change In Trend Indicator
  • How To Construct The Square And Angle
  • Rules And Trading Hints
  • Expanding Angle Formation
  • Bullish Expanding Angle Formation
  • Bearish Expanding Angle Formation .
  • Reaction Lines And Reaction Parallels
  • Rules And Trading Hints

Section IV: Putting It All Together

  • Trading Examples
  • Integrating Analysis Techniques
  • Charting And Technical Analysis Software