Trading the Measured Move: A Path to Trading Success in a World of Algos and High Frequency Trading


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 226
  • Published Date: 2014


Trading the Measured Move offers a blueprint for profiting from the price waves created by computer-driven algorithmic and high-frequency trading strategies. The core of author David Halsey’s approach is a novel application of Fibonnaci retracements, which he uses to set price targets and low-risk entry points. When properly applied, it allows traders to gauge market sentiment, recognize institutional participation at specific support and resistance levels, and differentiate between short-term and long-term trades at various price points in the market.


Traders at all levels of experience will benefit from reading this book. Advanced traders will be familiar with most of the book’s terminology but most likely will not be familiar with its new and unique approach to the use of Fibonacci retracements within a series of measured moves or with the structure of nested measured moves across multiple time frames. For beginning traders, a glossary provides definitions and basic information regarding all technical terms used in the book.

Armed with this information, beginners will be able to understand and implement the methodology detailed in the book’s body. Intermediate traders who might have floundered in today’s market while testing indicator after indicator and method after method will find relief in this book’s clear, precise, and proven methodology. All traders will benefit from sidebars that tell stories of my personal experiences that lead to specific discoveries and aha moments in the development of this methodology.

Algorithmic trading strategies based on sophisticated quantitative analysis and often employing high frequency trading (HFT) tactics have in recent years given enormous market advantages to the largest financial institutions in the world. Put simply, in the world of trading and investing, the quants, as they are known, have changed the rules for the foreseeable future and have placed the individual retail trader at an unprecedented disadvantage—that is, unless that trader learns a new way of trading that strives to ride the waves created by the quants’ trading activity with confidence and to capture consistent profits along the way. This book offers the individual trader a blueprint for creating such a trading plan built on a dynamic framework of fundamental principles flexible enough to support his or her own trading personality.


  • Today’s Trading Environment
  • Inside the Hidden Market
  • Drawing a Road Map
  • More Tools for Trading Power
  • The 90 Percent Factor— Executing Your Trade
  • Three Types of Trade Setups
  • Using Multiple Time Frames to Trade
  • Three Entry Strategies for Retracements
  • The Seasonality of Markets and the Best Times to Trade
  • Tools for the NYSE
  • Tick Extremes and Divergences
  • Profi ting from Gap Fills
  • How to Manage Positions and Take Profits
  • Risk Management (Advanced Trade Management)
  • The Inner Trader
  • The Trading Plan