Trading Techniques By Steven Dux


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Trading Techniques is an online streaming course created by Steven Dux to help traders make better decisions when trading penny stocks. The course consists of over 60 videos that are about 15 minutes in length on average. The lessons cover topics like how to use technical analysis on charts, what stocks should be avoided and when it is a good time to buy or sell. Together these video lectures help traders learn more about the big picture behind trading rather than just focusing on individual trades which can lead to inconsistent profits.

Steven Dux is a self-made millionaire known for turning his life savings of $27,000 into $3,000,000 all before being legally able to rent a car.  Needless to say, his results speak for himself, but how did he fall into this profession that not too long ago was shadowed in relative obscurity? Well Steven Dux is a Chinese Immigrant who made his way to the United States for High School before finding himself studying Environmental Science and Accounting in College.  It wasn’t long before life took a turn for the worse and Steven found himself backed into a corner.

Steven is a talented young trader and quite obviously very dedicated to his craft.  He has an almost endless supply of knowledge about the market it would seem, and you can tell he does try very hard to explain himself. However, there is an old saying that just because you can do something doesn’t necessarily mean you can teach it.  The course can feel like a mess sometimes, jumbled and thrown together with no clear point. Throughout the course, topics can jump around a bit with no clear connection and on more than one occasion Steven has been cut off mid-sentence during an explanation, and the course has moved on to the next segment without ever circling back to the unfinished topic.  In fact, one time he seemed about to clarify an important topic of shorting into one of his more challenging patterns before suddenly changing to the next slide.

It can feel like Steven himself is flustered during the course, like he just can’t find the right words.  I understand that English is his second language and he might find it challenging at times to correctly express himself, and then when coupled with his accent, it can make for a difficult viewing experience.  Because of this I can’t help but feel Steven’s course would have greatly benefited if he took the extra time to add subtitles to his videos. I myself could understand him without too much difficulty, but other traders I have conversed with have had a much harder time than I did, and I know would have greatly appreciated the added benefit of subtitles.

So overall while the information may be there, the production quality was rather poor.  Audio quality sounded as if it was recorded with a cell phone and the handwritten slides didn’t do him any favors, especially when coupled with the almost nonlinear nature of the course. In Just 10 Hours, You Will Learn

  • Market Basics: The stock market basic from A to Z that you’ll need to get started.
  • Psychology: The psychology of trading
  • Long & Short Side Trading: The difference between long and short side trading and how to take advantage of both positions.
  • Risk Management Strategies: The different risk management strategies to steadily build your account.
  • Statistic Database: How to build your own statistics database and use it to take advantage of any trading method
  • My Top Trading Strategies: And most importantly: my top 8 trading strategies for today’s Penny Stock Market.