Tools for the Direct Access Trader


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 217
  • Published Date: 2001


Tools for the Direct Access TraderHardware, Software, Resources, and Everything Else You Need to Get Started

Tools for the Direct Access Trader shows you how to outfit yourself for success and acquire the speed, functionality, and information access that puts you on the same level as institutional traders – but with maneuverability and flexibility that larger, bulkier traders can’t touch. You get a detailed look at the computer hardware and software, news retrieval services, data suppliers, and other resources you need to survive in this ultra-competitive, take-no-prisoners arena.


Tools for the Direct Access Trader is part of the six-book series on direct access trading from McGraw-Hill. The series of books represents the first detailed look at every element of direct access trading for individuals interested in harnessing the amazing changes occurring in the world’s financial markets. All the books contain a clear and basic approach to howto take advantage of direct access to the markets for your specific level of investing/trading.

Direct access trading is for everyone, and in this series of books we showyou howto take advantage of it if you only place a couple of trades a year, are starting to get more active in the markets, or even if you want to be a day trader. Take advantage of these revolutionary changes today, and start accessing the markets directly with direct access trading.

The purpose of this book is to explain to all kinds of investors what direct access trading tools are and how these tools can help them. Con-trary to popular belief, direct access tools are not designed just for day traders, although until now, day traders have been the ones who have used them most. Direct access is actually targeted toward anyone who trades frequently and is concerned about the details of his or her exe-cutions. Active online investors will find that direct access trading opens up whole new worlds to them.


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