Thomas Gibson’s Special Market Letters


  • Pages: 221
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 1910


During the year 1910 a great deal of attention was paid to the cost of living, bank loans, copper and steel business, the trade balance, freight rates, the European attitude toward our securities, and the wheat supply.

Besides offering discussions of these matters in the weekly letters Thomas Gibson was fortunately enabled to obtain and publish additional light from outside students and authorities.

Thomas Gibson’s Special Market Letters letters have been compiled and presented in this form for the convenience of subscribers and others who may find them of interest.


  • Analysis of the World’s Wheat Supply
  • Our Present Position in the Trade Cycle
  • The Importance of the Argentine Republic in the World’s Wheat Trade
  • Public Illusions and Their Effects on Investment Values
  • Bulls and Bears
  • European Capital Investments
  • Report on a New Method of Compiling Index Numbers on the Sauerbeck Selection of Commodities Modified with the Dun System of Weighting
  • The Investment Value of U. S. Steel
  • The New Gibson Index Numbers
  • Gibson’s Index Numbers
  • The Copper Metal Situation
  • Centralized Control of Bank Loans
  • Importance of Scientific Index Numbers
  • How Index Numbers Are Made
  • How Index Numbers Are Weighted
  • The Truth About Our Trade Balance
  • Ability of Railroads to Pay Wage Increases
  • The Scale Order