The Triumph of Contrarian Investing


  • Pages: 192
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 2004


The Triumph of Contrarian Investing : Crowds, Manias, and Beating the Market by Going Against the Grain

Contrarians say that, when it comes to investing, the crowd is wrong more often than it is right–and prove it with their 200-year history of success! The Triumph of Contrarian Investing is a fascinating, in depth examination of the impact of crowd psychology on markets, how the crowd is often predictably incorrect, and how investors can use long-proven contrarian investing strategies to uncover tremendous buying and selling opportunities.

Ned Davis, one of today’s biggest names in investing, reveals:

  • How to ignore the temptation to “join the crowd” and uncover tremendous opportunities
  • Consistent signs that a stock’s price has been driven too high or too low
  • Strategies for protecting contrarian portfolios when–as sometimes happens–the crowd is right