The Ruff Guide to Trading: Make Money in the Markets


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 170
  • Published Date: 2015


In Ruff Guide to Trading, Steve shows you the markets through his eyes. He reveals how he sees trading as a whole, how he assesses and exploits trading opportunities, and how he thinks about risk. He also describes three of his winning strategies. The focus of the Ruff Guide is intraday trading; everything covered relates to finding and making money from short-term trading opportunities that arise as part of everyday market moves.

Author’s Introduction:

This book is for anyone who wants to learn the theory and practice behind successful intraday trading. Perhaps you have tried intraday trading before, but you haven’t had the success you wanted. Or maybe you have an interest in trading, but aren’t sure how to get started. My Ruff Guide is for you. This is not a book for those who want to get rich quick. If you think this is possible then you will never be able to approach trading the right way, so my ideas are not for you.

A basic knowledge of technical analysis concepts and terms will be helpful, as I do not go into detail on these. There are many beginner’s books on technical analysis available, as well as free resources on the internet. The book begins with some high-level theory that you need to know. Unfortunately without understanding this initial chapter, you won’t be able to take your trading further and the rest of the book will be of little use.

The focus moves on to fundamental and technical perspectives of how the market functions and how you should position your strategies as a trader. I will then discuss the importance of having a trading plan, or at least some goals for what you are realistically trying to achieve. Without this you will soon get disillusioned and will not make the best use of your time within the markets. From there I move on look at three practical strategies you can use in your own trading. It is important that you follow the book in order – there is nothing to be gained from skipping sections.


  • Trading FAQs
  • Understanding People and Yourself
  • My 80/20 Rule
  • My 80/20 Rule – Overview of 20% Fundamental
  • My 80/20 Rule – Overview of 80% Technical
  • The Trading Plan
  • The Ruff Guide to Risk
  • Reversals and Breakouts
  • Identifying Overextended Markets and Trading the Key 50%
  • Gaps