The Elliott Wave Writings of A.J. Frost and Richard Russell


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 330
  • Published Date: 1998


A.J. Frost was A. Hamilton Bolton’s successor as the dean of the Wave Principle. Everything he ever had published on the subject is in this book. In his 1967 and 1970 Elliott Wave supplements to The Bank Credit Analyst, Frost not only forecasted the ending level for the 1966-1974 bear market in the Dow to the point but entertains us with two spirited Q&A’s. Also included is the 1968 supplement by Russell L. Hall, which was co-written with Frost.

We’ve spiced up the volume with letters between Dr. Max Resnick and Charles J. Collins, which fill the space of the never-issued 1969 BCA supplement. Both men interpreted the 1966-1968 rise as a “B” wave, a conclusion that history confirmed immediately and dramatically. Clearly, had Collins been asked to pen a 1969 BCA forecast, he would have called the 1968 top and further enhanced the publication’s amazing track record. These reprints, together with those in our companion volume, The Complete Elliott Wave Writings of A. Hamilton Bolton, complete the presentation of the BCA’s entire Elliott Wave output.

Another treat we have included is a long-lost article by Collins from the April 17, 1970 issue of Barron’s. We’ve added some more spice with a number of newspaper articles covering Frost’s opinions when he wasn’t being published. The interview from the April 6, 1974 Financial Post of Toronto, penned by later Barron’s writer, author and Forbes senior editor Peter Brimelow, details Frost’s expectations for the ultimate bear market low.

The path to that low was blazed brilliantly by the incomparable Richard Russell of Dow Theory Letters, who conferred often with Frost. Every word Russell wrote about the Wave Principle is here, including one of the greatest market calls of all time: his recognition of the end of the bear market at the December 1974 low. Ending our tome is a delightful section revealing some of A.J.’s more general thoughts on the Wave Principle and markets. It’s the fun part. You can read it first or for dessert.


  • A Biographical Memoir of A.J. Frost Robert Prechter on Richard Russell
  • A.J. Frost on Markets, 1962-1974
  • The Elliott Wave Principle in Richard Russell’s Dow Theory Letters, 1964-1980
  • A.J. Frost’s Elliott Wave Forecasts, 1978-1991
  • A.J. Frost — Reflections, 1961–1990