The Commitments of Traders Bible: How To Profit from Insider Market Intelligence


  • Pages: 305
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 2008


The Commitments of Traders Bible: How To Profit from Insider Market Intelligence

With The Commitments of Traders Bible, Briese reveals how to use the predictive power of COT data and accurately interpret it in order to analyze market movements and achieve investment success. The COT’s application extends well beyond the confines of the commodity pits and into virtually every market sector, from FOREX to gold stocks, from equities to treasuries, and from ETFs to sector funds. The world is interconnected, and it runs on commodities, currencies, and financial paper—all traded on the U.S. futures markets.

Author’s Introduction:

Part I, COT Theory, takes you through a brief history of the Commitments report, which has been around in its current form for 45 years, to understand how its interpretation has evolved over time. Next you will meet the players behind the numbers and see how they are broken down in the report. Then I will try to disabuse you of some common misconceptions and dead-end ideas that keep circulating around the COT report.

Part II, COT in Practice, is a detailed sector-by-sector, market-by-market reference that discusses the individual market idiosyncrasies and patterns that I have encountered time and again over the past 30 years. I also present tables full of securities that are highly correlated to each futures market.

These equity, currency, and debt markets are not my specialty, but they may be yours. If so, this will give you a starting point for using the COT data over a wide range of markets. Long-term charts of trader positions are provided for 35 key futures markets. The final chapter includes the specific charts and intelligence that the swap dealers don’t want you to have.

You will find a comprehensive glossary in the back of the book, along with a list of reference material that has taken more than 30 years to accumulate. Those interested in further research will find plenty of resources.


  • The COT—Assorted History
  • COT Reports—Counting 1, 2, 3 . . .
  • Player Introductions
  • Fading Small Speculators and Other Half-Baked Schemes
  • Net Positions
  • The COT Index
  • COT Movement Index
  • View from the Gallery
  • View from the Pits
  • Chart Pattern Validation
  • Getting Technical
  • Crossing Currencies
  • Taking Stock
  • Test of Metal
  • Oil’s Slick
  • Interest in Rates
  • Bean Counting
  • Moonlighting
  • Cedeless Oranges
  • Now You CIT, Now You Don’t