The Alpha Formula: High Powered Strategies to Beat the Market with Less Risk


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 136
  • Published Date: 2019


The Alpha Formula teaches you How applying First Principles (absolute truths) used for all great scientific discoveries is applicable to the markets. Markets go up, markets go down, and markets go through times of stress. These are the only truths in the market. No one knows when each will occur. In The Alpha Formula, you will have systematic data-driven strategies in place ahead of time to take advantage of these market conditions.


Most portfolios only make money when markets rise. This has been the history of the asset management industry for decades. In The Alpha Formula, you will learn how to systematically make money for the times when markets go up, go down, and go through times of stress. This step by step guide is backed by investment concepts created by billionaire Ray Dalio, author of Principles, AQR, the second-largest hedge fund manager in the world, and many other giants in the industry. This book teaches you specific systematic data-driven strategies, backed by years of historical test results, to grow your money in a consistent manner.

Backed by dozens of academic studies both in finance and behavioral science, along with decades of data, you will learn new systematic quantified strategies for your portfolio.You will also learn:

  • Why these strategies work
  • The behavioral underpinnings of these strategies
  • Decades of quantitative evidence supporting them
  • How to combine them into a systematic portfolio for you to use for years to come.
  • How to build Ray Dalio s holy grail of investing . Mr. Dalio showed how having minimally correlated strategies in a portfolio leads to higher returns with less risk. You will learn five minimally correlated strategies (two long strategies, two fixed income strategies, and one short strategy) that have led to high performing portfolios with one-fifth the risk of the overall market.
  • How to set up your portfolio in order to manage it with minimal time needed.
  • How to build multiple systematic high performing minimal risk portfolios.


  • If I Lose This Account Chris, I’m Going to F***ing Kill You!!!
  • Welcome to The Alpha Formula
  • Why Trend Following Works
  • Why Mean Reversion Works
  • Rising Assets Strategy™
  • Connors Research Weekly Mean Reversion Strategy
  • Connors Research Dynamic Treasuries™
  • ETF Avalanches
  • Introducing The Alpha Formula Portfolio
  • The Alpha Formula – A Better Solution to Money Management