Technically Speaking: Tips and Strategies from 16 Top Traders




Technically Speaking: Tips and Strategies from 16 Top Traders contain interviews with sixteen prominent technical analysts who have made money for Profits.

Author’s Introduction:

Making money in the financial markets is a tough game, but based on personal experience, technical analysis offers winning edge to those who use it. The following pages contain interviews with sixteen prominent technical analysts who have made money for themselves and investors who followed their advice.

Remembering what a tremendous help their instruction was to my investing early on, I asked them to share with you their methods and strategies which have proven successful over the years.

My objectives in writing this book are twofold. First, I wanted to expand the reader’s existing knowledge of technical analysis. Secondly, I wanted to disclose many of the attendant caveats linked to particular indicators. To achieve both goals, I called on the expertise of men whose market research andpredictions are a cut above the rest.

My choice of contributors brings to the table a wealth of experience. Surviving multiple bull and bear markets have left these analysts with above average instincts that supercede the best indicator any day. On average, each has been involved in market analysis over twenty eight years.

Unlike the transient popularity of the here today, gone tomorrow gurus, all have good, long term track records. These analysts prevail because their forecasts are conservative and supported by logical, concrete evidence. They are independent thinkers and contrarian in that they are not pressured to fall in line with Wall Street’s expectations or the forecast du jour.

In addition to their daily routine of closely monitoring market activity, they also find time in their busy schedules to do research, consult, write and edit newsletters, lecture, and manage money. Many are published authors and I would point out that the information included here should be viewed as a supplement to their original work, not a substitute.


  • Stan Berge
  • Ralph Bloch
  • John Bollinger
  • Marc Chaikin
  • Paul Desmond
  • Peter Eliades
  • BobGabele
  • Paul Montgomery
  • John Murphy
  • Martin Pring
  • Phil Roth
  • Lance Stoneycypher
  • Dan Sullivan
  • Jim Tillman
  • Stan Weinstein
  • Newton Zinder

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