Saturn: the Reaper


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  • Published Date: 1916


Saturn: the Reaper explains the three lectures recently given before the Astrological Society and now published in these pages were mainly concerned with that one of the great Gods, or Spiritual Intelligences, whose physical planet is known to us under the name of SATURN.


The true astrologer does not view individuals as distinct and isolated entities placed side by side, but as the varied manifestations of ONE unchanging universal consciousness. The Sun he considers to be the physical glory of the Lord of the Solar Universe, radiating the Universal Consciousness throughout this solar system.

As light from a single source produces the appearance of different lights by reflection from a number of surfaces, so this universal consciousness, while itself remaining unchanged, produces endless individualities, which in the course of their evolution reach perfection by recognising this essential unity.

The astrologer further views the planetary spheres as being each a centre of a specialised consciousness, each with its own definite rays of influence which individuals absorb and ‘temper’ in themselves, producing what are known as the special” temperaments.” These planetary spheres of influence are not concerned with humanity alone but with other departments of Nature also, over which they have special, though not exclusive or isolated control.

For instance the planetary sphere of Saturn is largely concerned with the crystallisations of the Mineral Kingdom; and in this idea the modern astrologer sees the rationale of the ancient astrologer’s statement, handed down through many centuries, that Saturn governs the bony structure in man and his concrete or scientific mind.

Astrology is one, though after all only one, of the languages seeking to express the truth about man, his origin, nature and destiny, as well as his relations to the surrounding world of objects. Through Astrology we may acquire Wisdom. Wisdom is a change in the quality of our consciousness, it is not merely a surface expansion of it, and although the symbology of Astrology may be eminently useful it is not in itself spiritual knowledge, and never can be converted into it until it is “inwardly digested.”