Esoteric Astrology: A Study in Human Nature


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  • Pages: 324
  • Published Date: 1913


Springg, Summer, Autumn and Wmter, are four distinct seasons ofone year, produced by the annual revolution of the earth round the Sun. Infancy, youth, maturity, and old age are correspondences resulting from birth, growth, decay and death. But why the Birth and the Death? A million exotenc facts will not suffice to answer these questions, for they are concerned with our esoteric enquiry into that subtle, indefinable something which is the essence and cause of all manifestation.

There 1s always a higher and a lower, a finer and coarser aspect of the same substance, an abstract and a concrete, a past cause and a future effect of everythmg in nature ; and there are two corresponding points of view by which it may be studied and known. With these ideas before us we may safely assume Astrology to have its dual expression, or what may be termed its esoteric and exoteric points of view. Esoteric Astrology deals with the abstract cause, the philosophy and the inner or more subtle point of view; whilst Exoteric Astrology is content with the effect, the practice, and the concrete or outer expression, preferring the more tangible and evident to the speculative and theoretical.