Profit with the Market Profile: Identifying Market Value in Real Time




Profit with the Market Profile will guide traders through a new understanding of the market that will allow them to identify the most profitable trade opportunities as they happen, make more informed, confident trading decisions with increased accuracy, develop Profile-based trading strategies and improve trade planning to reduce losses and secure better entries and exits, and implement more effective targets and stops.


Unfortunately, many traders are not attracted to the Profile because they think that it is complicated, hard to understand, and difficult to apply. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. The Profile is actually quite simple and easy to understand. It simply involves a different way of looking at the market. Once you can understand how it presents market data and the valuable information it offers, you will wonder how you could have ever traded without it.

It actually provides a very clear view of market activity as it happens. In some ways, it is far easier to identify critical market information from the Market Profile chart than it is from any other type of chart. The Market Profile is made up of simple building blocks or units. Watching the structure of the market develop in real time on the Profile is the most clear and precise visual representation of market activity. Once you understand the basic elements that make up the Profile chart, it becomes easy to comprehend and apply the Market Profile concepts.

Even though the Market Profile is easy to learn, it does take some time to learn it and to become familiar with the methods and techniques that are involved in applying it to the market. The learning curve and process will certainly vary from one individual to the other. However, with the proper education, it is just as easy for a beginner to learn as it is for an experienced trader.

In this book, every effort has been made to simplify the basic concepts that are involved with Profile charts and their applications. The book uses a simple systematic approach in explaining and illustrating various Profile concepts. Many diagrams and charts are frequently provided to allow the reader an opportunity to visually examine the elements and the structure of the Profile.


  • Market Profile Charts
  • Value Area
  • Financial Market Participants
  • Auction Markets
  • Analyzing the Open
  • Market Profile Structures
  • Split and Merged Profiles
  • Volume and Value Tracking
  • Volume Tracking Indicator
  • Designing Profile-Based Strategies
  • Profiles and Stocks
  • Forex Meets the Profile

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