Professional Trading Techniques


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  • Published Date: 2012


The mastery of trading is a never-ending pursuit. Knowledge of and confidence in a workable methodology is just a departure point. Consistency in the approach and application of a particular technique will be the real key to a trader’s success. So, though initial market and trading theory is important, it is not until a trader attempts to put actual technique into actual practice that the real learning begins. All methods begin with the laying down of structure and rules – however, these are ultimately meant to serve as guidelines. A newer trader will do best to follow these guidelines as closely as possible and in doing so, should meet with a modicum of success. As a trader develops more expertise, they will be better able to recognize when certain market conditions are changing and when “rules” can be given more flexibility. If a trader’s bottom line starts to suffer, though, they will do best to go back and follow the guidelines and rules as possible.