Millionaire Traders


  • Pages: 414
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 2007


Millionaire Traders: How Everyday People Are Beating Wall Street at Its Own Game

Millionaire Traders as your guide, you’ll quickly become familiar with a variety of strategies that can be used to make money in today’s financial markets. Through interviews with twelve ordinary individuals who have worked hard to transform themselves into extraordinary traders, this book reveals how you can beat Wall Street at its own game.

Author’s Introduction:

Trading is a battle between you and the market. The traders we interviewed for this book have offered a wealth of insight into the art of trading. We have distilled their most important ideas into this short summary highlighting one unique idea from each trader that can help you succeed in your battle with the markets.

We have found 12 people who have hit it big trading for themselves. These are not hedge fund managers or employees of big money center banks, but regular people who started with as little as $1,000 and turned their small initial stakes into a six to seven-figure fortunes. These people come from all walks of life, live all over the world and trade a variety of electronic markets.

Some of the traders focus on equities, others on futures or foreign exchange. Each has a very different style of trading, some that are even in direct conflict with each other, highlighting the fact that there are many paths to success in the financial markets. However, all of these traders practice discipline, stick with their strategy, and always cut their losses. None of our interviewees were successful from the start.

Several have blown up at least one trading account. But instead of walking away from the markets, they learned from their early failures and used that experience to improve and ultimately succeed. We convinced them to share their stories and tell us how they got started, their best and worst trades, their number one rule of trading, and the many lessons that they have learned through their experience.


  • The Art of Trading
  • The Man Who Buys Crashes
  • The 100-Pip Trader
  • The Coolest Guy in the Room
  • Rags to Riches
  • The Wisdom of Experience
  • The Treasure Hunter
  • The News Junkie
  • The Great Adapter
  • Surfing for Profits
  • The All-American Trader
  • FX Family Values
  • Man Versus Machine
  • Getting Started in Trading